Taxi Accidents

Taxis and private hire cars were involved in 5061 accidents in Great Britain in 2013
There were 38 fatal accidents involving taxis and private hire cars Britain in 2013
There were 645 serious accidents involving taxis and private hire cars in Britain in 2013
Source: Department for Transport statistics 2013

Though taxi accidents are relatively rare, both taxis and private hire cars are involved in road traffic accidents from time to time. In fact, four taxi drivers and four passengers were killed in fatal accidents in Britain in 2013.

Taxis and private hire cars also tend to be on the road during busy times and at night time which can lead to accidents involving other road users including pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. Taxi drivers can also suffer as the victims of accidents where someone else is to blame. This can cause major difficulties to drivers who are dependent on their vehicle to earn a living. Long spells recovering from injury or periods when a damaged vehicle is off the road can lead to loss of income.

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How do I claim? Does it cost?

Starting your claim is easy. Simply get in touch. You can email, call or complete the form online. We'll look at the facts in your case and work out if you can claim compensation. We also work with leading medical experts – who can help and advise on your condition. There’s no up front cost for making a claim, we have a 'no win, no fee' policy.

Does it take a long time?

Each case depends on factors like the severity of your injuries, the circumstances of the accident and how the party to blame responds to your claim. Whatever happens, we'll keep you informed as the case progresses.

Do most people win the cases you take on?

We take time to assess each case at the start. If the case goes ahead you have a very high chance of success. JBLaw has helped more than 20,000 people to win their claims for compensation.

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