Fatal Accident Compensation Claims

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, losing a family member in a fatal accident. The immense shock and grief that accompanies these tragic accidents often leaves family members unable to foresee the all too common financial strains that are often created.

JBLaw Accident Claims and Care understand the difficulty and pain that surround any fatal road accident, and aim to help ease any financial concerns by making a fatal accident compensation claim on your behalf.

A fatal accident claim falls into two sections: the victims claim and the dependants claim, on top of that there is the statutory award for bereavement.

The Victims Claim

The victims claim takes into consideration any emotional pain or distress caused by the fatal accident to the time of death. This also includes any loss of earnings during this time.

The Dependants Claim

The dependant claim aims to help those members of the family who were dependant on the financial support of the victim.

Statutory Award

On top of both the victims claim and the dependants claim, there is also an additional damages payment of £11,800.

Making a Fatal Accident Compensation Claim

JBLaw Accident Claims and Care, Scotland, work on a No Win No Fee basis and make special effort to ensure that, in the case of a fatal accident, matters are dealt with in the most sensitive manner, with a minimal amount of effort required from your behalf. If you wish to discuss any details in more depth please do not hesitate to Contact us today

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