Frequently Asked Personal Injury Claim Questions

Total Care

1. But you are Solicitors. Surely you can’t provide treatment?

Solicitors generally don’t make good doctors therefore we do the legal work on your case and the Total Care service is provided by our rehabilitation partner The Injury Care Clinics (TICCS). They have qualified medical professionals who will provide the Total care Service.

2. What happens if my case is unsuccessful?

We act for clients on a “no win no fee” basis and that is the same for the provision of our Total care service. If we do not succeed in winning your case we will still meet the cost of your treatment and will not look for you to pay us anything.

3. What is the difference between the care you provide and NHS treatment?

The main difference is the speed at which treatment can be provided. Total Care is privately funded care and you therefore do not have to wait on an NHS waiting list to receive treatment. This can be particularly important for things like physiotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which tends to be most effective if it is provided as early as possible.

4. What is JBLaw Total Care?

Total Care is a rehabilitation package provided to JBLaw’ clients. JBLaw will arrange for private medical treatment to be provided to clients to assist in their recovery form injury.

5. What treatment do you provide?

See our Total Care section for full details on the services provided.

6. Who pays for my Total Care?

JBLaw will meet the cost of any treatment provided to you and in turn, we will recover this cost from the person responsible for causing your injury as part of your compensation claim. You will never have to pay for the treatment you receive under Total Care.

Making Claim

1. How does the claims process work?

Once you contact JBLaw one of our experienced team of experts will be with you every step of the way throughout your claim. In our initial discussion with you we will take details about the accident circumstances, the losses you have suffered and any other information that we may require. We would then submit a claim on your behalf to the “at fault” party and continue to correspond with them or their solicitors until the conclusion of the case. We will keep you fully updated with the progress of your case and be on hand to answer any questions you may have at every step of the claim.

2. How long does the process take?

Every case is different and the length of time a case takes will be dependent on its own facts and circumstances. Some straightforward cases can be resolved within a few weeks and other cases may take a number of years to conclude.

3. How much do you charge for your service?

We will act for you on a “no win, no fee” basis meaning that we will never ask you to pay a fee to us for our service. Even if your case is unsuccessful we would not look for you to pay the defender’s costs – we would meet these for you.

4. How much is my claim worth?

Compensation is awarded on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the injuries you have sustained and also taking into account other losses, e.g. wage loss. We fully investigate each case individually to ensure that we can obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for you. For a rough guide as to the value of some different injuries please see our injury claim calculator.

5. What happens if I succeed in my claim – do you take a percentage of my compensation?

In the event of us succeeding in your case you will receive at least 80% of the total settlement figure agreed. We deduct a success fee of no more than 20% including VAT and outlays. We also recover a fee from the “at fault” party allowing us to pass on as much of the compensation to you as possible. Some firms may deduct up to 30% (plus VAT) from your damages but we want to ensure our clients receive the maximum amount of their compensation in their hand.

6. What if my accident happened a while ago?

Scots law allows a period of 3 years in which to bring a claim for compensation against the person or organisation you consider to be at fault for causing your accident but the sooner you begin your claim the sooner you will know if your case is going to be successful and the sooner we can obtain a settlement for you. In the case of a child (under 16) being involved in an accident, they have until the eve of their 19th birthday (i.e. 3 years for their 16th birthday) in order to pursue a claim.

Company Information

1. What makes JBLaw different form other firms which deal with personal injury cases?

There are many firms in Scotland that deal with personal injury cases. At JBLaw we only deal with personal injury law in meaning that 100% of our resources are spent on helping our clients receive millions of pounds in compensation every year. Additionally, we offer our Total Care service which is unique in Scotland and provides assistance to our clients to help in their rehabilitation following an accident. We are also an award winning firm being awarded both Firm of the Year (under 40 fee earners) and Up and Coming Firm of the Year at the Law Awards of Scotland in 2013.

2. Where are you based?

Our offices are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow but we act for clients throughout Scotland and beyond. We also have meeting room facilities in Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling and Inverness as well as Client Liaison Managers who are based throughout the country.

3. Who are JBLaw Accident Claims and Care?

JBLaw are one of the leading personal injury firms in Scotland. We specialise solely in this area and act for clients throughout Scotland and beyond. We are able to offer our clients a unique Total Care service to help with every aspect of their case as well as trying to secure the best possible financial settlement.

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