Construction Site Work Accident Claim

It probably comes at no surprise that construction sites are considered one of the most dangerous environments in which to work.

With so many risk factors present, it is clear to see why there are so many work accident claims made each year.

Construction sites are busy, ever changing landscapes that demand a lot of concentration and strenuous work from its work force. This kind of work can often lead to negligence and human error which makes up a majority of construction site accidents.

Not only is the nature of the work hard, the environment in which you work can also be against you at times. Site work often involves working from a height, working with heavy machinery as well as coming into contact with harmful materials.

Making a Construction Site Work Accident Claim

If you have been injured as a result of a construction site accident, then you may be entitled to a work accident claim. JBLaw Accident Claims and Care work throughout Scotland, to help those involved in work related accident gain the compensation that they deserve. Working on a No Win No Fee basis, JBLaw team of specialist solicitors will ensure that your case is dealt with in a professional and sensitive manner.

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