Bike Accident Compensation Claims

With so many people making the effort to lower their carbon footprint, there has been a significant rise in bicycle sales throughout the UK.

The UK’s ever growing network of cycle lanes now stretches over 12,000 miles. Within the UK’s largest cities the bicycle is fast becoming the public’s first choice means of transport to and from work, with many councils implementing bicycle sharing systems.

However with the rise in popularity there has also been a rise in the number of cycle accidents and fatalities. The majority of these accidents occur due to negligence from other road users. If you have been involved in a cycle accident and can show that the accident was down to the negligence of another road user, you may be entitled to a cycle accident compensation claim.

How to Make a Cycle Accident Compensation Claim

If you have been involved in a cycle accident in Scotland, then JBLaw Accident Claims and Care can help you claim the compensation that you are entitled to. We work on a No Win No Fee basis, and aim to relieve some of the stress that being involved in a cycle accident can create.

As with any road accident, when in involved in a cycle accident you should exchange contact and insurance details with the other party.

Make sure the police have been alerted of the accident if they are not already present.

If injured make sure you receive full medical attention, and take note of any treatments you receive as this can help build a solid case for your claim.

If possible take note of any injuries or damage incurred to you or your bicycle, if you are able to, take photos as these will strengthen your claim.

Get an estimate for any repairs that may have to be made to your bicycle. If your bicycle is beyond repair, locate your receipt of purchase for your bicycle.

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