Accidents at School Claims

Schools have a duty to ensure your children’s safety, but accidents still occur every year. If your child has been involved in an accident at school, you may be eligible for a compensation claim.

One common area where accidents occur is the school playground. All playgrounds in Scotland must conform to safety standards for the equipment and floor surfaces, and while there is a level of unavoidable risk in providing things like climbing frames, serious injury suggests that proper care has not been taken to conform to these measures.

A slip or trip could also occur on the school premises, for example from a wet or slippery surface or a pothole. To alert adults, a cone is normally sufficient to warn them of the danger ahead, but this might not be sufficient for your child.

The school playing fields are also an area where your child could have an accident. Schools are responsible for ensuring the playing fields are safe and free from danger from faulty equipment.

Your child could also suffer an injury during a school trip or on a school bus. In both cases your child should be supervised and taken care of by an adult – the teacher or bus driver – who may be at fault in the case of an accident.

To help your case, you should report the accident to a teacher or another person of authority as soon as possible and make a note of this for tracking purposes. In cases involving road or pavement defects, we would recommend taking pictures of the area with a ruler to show how deep and wide the defect is. Also be sure to get statements from any witnesses, along with their contact details.

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